Matthew Wildrick Thomas

Matthew Wildrick Thomas

Economics Ph.D. Candidate at Northwestern University


Optimal Fair Contests

Thoughts on efficient revenue maximizing symmetric contests

Tullock Lottery Contests with Direct and Covert Discrimination

Summary of existing results on the design of asymmetric Tullock contests


Nonlinear War of Attrition with Complete Information

Simple derivation of equilibria in a general two player war of attrition


List of Econ Blogs

I made a blogroll of Econ blogs that anyone can contribute to

Mechanisms to Fund Open Source

Notes on VCG and issues with current applications of quadratic voting

Real Induction

A research example of induction on the real numbers


KaTeX Ruby Gem Updated with KaTeX v0.13.3

You may need to edit your project to use my update

Fix the R Library Bug on Windows 10

If you sync your Documents folder with OneDrive, R can have issues


Econ Ipsum Now Available in TeX

Someone made a TeX version of my Econ Ipsum website

How to Prevent Email Scraping

Tricks to stop email scraping without affecting human users

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